Weekly Menus

Each week I provide a meal plan for dinner with links to healthy well balanced and delicious meals that fit in a ” nutritional cleansing Strict 30″  and general healthy lifestyle.  Some recipes I have created myself, others I have found on a many of my favorite blogs.  You can print out a copy of the menu to hang on the fridge and when it’s time to prepare the meal just go to your computer to this page and click on the link to get the recipe. Also I have included a shopping list so you have a convenient list of the ingredients you will need to purchase for each recipe.  I have indicated in red the ingredients that are needed for more then one recipe so you don’t over purchase that item.

I only make the menu for Sunday to Thursday, you’re on your own for Friday and Saturday.   Go out, be spontaneous and creative on your own those days.  Just remember to try and make healthy choices when you are out.

Disclaimer: I do my best to make sure that these menu ideas are “Strict 30” compliant, if something is in a recipe that shouldn’t be,  please leave a comment or send me an email so I can fix it.

Menu for August 19th             Shopping list for August 19th

Menu for July 15th                    Shopping list for July 15th

Menu for July 1st                       Shopping list for July 1st

Menu for June 24th                   Shopping list for June 24th

Menu for June 10th                   Shopping list for June 10th

Menu for June 3rd                     Shopping list for June 3rd

Menu for May 27th                    Shopping list for May 27th

Menu for May 20th                       Shopping list for May 20th

Menu for May 13th                      Shopping list for May 13th

Menu for May 6th                         Shopping list for May 6th

Menu for April 30th                     Shopping list for April 30th

Menu for April 15th                        Shopping list for April 15th

Menu for April 8th                          Shopping list for April 8th

Menu for April 1st                             Shopping list for April 1st

Menu for March 25th                        Shopping list for March 25th

Menu for March 18th                      Shopping list for March 18th

Menu for March 11th                        Shopping list for March 11th

Menu for March 4th                           Shopping list for March 4th

Menu for February 25th                    Shopping list for February 25th

Menu for February 18th                    Shopping list for February 18th

Menu for February 11th                     Shopping list for February 11th

Menu for February 4th                        Shopping list for February 4th

Vegetarian Menu # 2                             Vegetarian Shopping #2

Menu for January 21st                           Shopping list for January 21st

Menu for January 14th                            Shopping list for January 14th

Menu for January 8th                              Shopping list for January 8th

Menu for the week of December 31st  Shopping list for december 31

Christmas Menu

Menu for December 17th                       Shopping list for December 117th

Menu for December 10th                       Shopping list for December 10th

Menu for the week of Dec 3rd               Shopping list for Dec 3rd

Menu for November 26th                         Shopping list for Nov 26th

Thanksgiving Menu                                   Thanksgiving Shopping List

Menu for the week of Nov 12th               Shopping list for Nov 12th

Menu for Novemeber 5th                          Shopping list for November 5th

Vegetarian Menu                                         Vegetarian Shopping List

Menu for the week of Oct 29th                 Shopping list for Oct 29th

menu for the week of oct 22nd                 Shopping list for Oct 22nd

Menu for the week of Oct 15th                  Shopping list for Oct 15th

Menu for the week of Oct 1st                     Shopping list for Oct 1st

Menu for the week of Sept 24th                  Shopping list for Sept 24th

Menu for the week of Sept 17th                   Shopping list for Sept 17th

Menu for the week of Sept 3rd                     Shopping list for Sept 3rd

Menu for the week of Aug 27th                    Shopping list for August 27th

Menu for the week of Aug 20th                     Shopping list for August 20th

Menu for the week of August 13th                Shopping list for August 13th

Menu for the week of Aug 6th                        Shopping List for August 6th

Menu-for-the-week-of-july-31st                       Shopping-list-for-july-31st