This page is dedicated to providing recognition to the power of nutritional cleansing.  Below are personal testimonials from users that I, or my team members, have helped along in their journey.  Everyone has different reasons for starting and different health goals but all the testimonials below confirm the power of this lifestyle.






“I knew I had allowed myself to put on some pounds, but I convinced myself that I could get back on track, all the while not really doing much about it. I am a yogi, I go to the gym, I ride my bike, like alot. we hike, Everything is in order, right? But I was not getting back into shape or releasing any weight. Once I was honest with myself, I saw that my portions were often too large, I was mindless snacking, and I drank way too much. Wine Wednesday, Sunday Funday, “the Holidays” a friends birthday and on and on the hamster wheel I went. This cycle had become a habit.

When I stepped on the scale after at least a year of ignoring it – I was so sad, how had I let that happen? I am supposed to know better, and be an example! I needed help. It was so freeing to say I needed help. This is where nutritional cleansing comes into my life. I did not expect a miracle, but I went for it. I started a strict 30 days, I started to release weight, I felt more energy, slept great, digestion was moving, inches were falling off, and when my mother says OMG you are glowing, and my hubs says, your butt is so tiny, you say to yourself, get more of this and get it now! LOL – So I went another 30, and then another, only slightly modified to my daily life, allowing myself to get thru the Holidays enjoying some homemade goodies, and just stuck with it because it’s so easy. It’s been over year now and I have lost a total of 25 pounds.”





“60+ days since ‘that guy’. The guy who wouldn’t say no to a happy hour. The guy who loved beer on the daily. And late nite burgers. Well, he made the best decision of his life. To get healthy and fit. To commit to this nutritional cleansing program.  And just after a few days, I couldn’t believe the scale. 20 days in, I felt light on my feet and had a mental focus. Determined. Today, I feel amazing. More than 50 lbs lost! I have new found energy!