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Menu for the week of August 19th

I logged on to FINALLY post a new menu today and realized the last post I made was over a month ago! That’s my Summer this year, so busy and fun, but I’ve made no time for my blog.  Personally I’ve done very little cooking this Summer because it’s been rather warm even in Huntington Beach.  I know what you’re thinking how hot can it been at the beach?  And you’re right, the temperature this last month ranged from 86 to 95 degrees, which isn’t as hot as in some places.  But with no air conditioning, when it’s 90 degrees outside it’s at least that hot inside my home.  So there you have it no cooking is happening for me unless it’s on a BBQ outside!

So for those of you with A/C, that feel like cooking, you can go to the Weekly Menus page and click on the Menu and Shopping List for August 19th.  The featured image is of the Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp Bowls on Tuesday night.  Stay cool and eat well!

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