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Menu for the week of June 24th

Back at it again this week after taking last weekend off to head to the River.  This trip was such an anticipated event, the whole family (almost) and a rental house right on the Parker Strip of the Colorado River.  I love water and nothing makes me happier then sitting on a balcony or deck and staring at it.


So you can imagine my severe disappointment when I woke up last week, days before the trip ,with strep throat.  I headed straight to the Urgent Care and got antibiotics and was in no way going to let a little sickness ruin my good time! I rallied and the long weekend flew by, but we had a blast!

So here it is a week later and I’m almost recovered from my illness.  Therefor I’m bringing you another weekly menu and shopping list.  Just go the Weekly Menus page and click on the menu and shopping list for June 24th,  The featured image is of Tuesday night’s Chipotle Lime Shrimp Bowls.  Looks like a delicious easy Summer meal.  Have a fantastic week, I hope you have some fun adventures coming up too.  Eat well!


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