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Menu for the Week of May 20th

Once again I’m a bit late in the day for posting the menu for the upcoming week.  But seriously I’m in a car driving through Los Angeles on my way to Monterey while putting this menu together.  If you’ve ever driven through LA then you know that not only is there a lot of traffic but people here like to speed up fast when the traffic moves and then slam on their brakes when it slows.  I’ve about lost my laptop through the windshield 10 times this morning.

We are on our way to see my niece Jayme, the baby of the family, graduate from Cal State Monterey Bay this weekend.  My nephew, Josh, is also a college graduate this weekend but he sacrificed walking in his graduation so we could all go to Monterey as a family.  Truthfully he wasn’t interested in walking in his graduation so it was;t too much of a sacrifice.  But either way we are so proud of both of them and they will both be celebrated this weekend!

I  finally posted the menu and shopping list for the week of May 20th.  Just go the the Weekly Menus page and click on each of the links. to see what’s in store for next week  The featured image os of the Balsamic Glazed Salmon with Strawberry Salsa on Wednesday night.  Hope you all have an amazing weekend full of fun.  Eat well!

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