The Power of Vision

We all know the power of vision, having your sight might be the most valued sense we have as humans. Believe me, at one point before I got Lasix, I could only see clearly about 10cm in front of my face. You can’t imagine the joy I felt within 1 minute after that procedure was over when I could see almost perfectly for the first time since I was about 10 years old.

But that is not exactly the vision I’m referring to in this post. We all have the power to visualize how we see our future and to create the outcomes that we desire by having a clear focus on those visions. One of the most powerful tools for creating your own success is to put together a Vision Board. Creating a space that displays what you want actually does bring it to life. By placing your goals and desires together on one board and hanging it were you can see it several times a day, you are actually doing little mini visualization exercises every time you look at it.

It’s possible you are thinking “Is she crazy, does she really think placing little pictures on a board is going to make them a reality?” The simple answer is “no”, you can’t just assemble a board of pretty pictures, hang it on a wall and then wait for great stuff to happen. But it is a simple fact that visualization works. Athletes use visualization to help improve their performance. According to Psychology Today evidence has shown that the brain patterns that are activated when a weight lifter lifts heavy weights are the same brain patterns that are activated when they just visualize lifting the heavy weight. Visualizing that you can succeed at something is a powerful force in helping you truly achieve that dream.

So what kind of things should you put on your Vision Board? Obviously some goals can be material. For instance if this year your dream is to redo your backyard, simply finding pictures of a yard like the one you desire will help you keep that goal in the forefront of your brain. Which will make you begin to look at what you need to do to achieve that goal. Seeing your dream yard day in and day out on your Vision Board will create an atmosphere where you seek to make that goal happen. This is in contrast to just thinking, “Gee it would be great to redo the backyard.” and then not coming back to that thought again until it’s the middle of summer and there is no way you can plant new plants and sod when it’s 100 degrees outside.

However material things should be a small part of what is on your board. Some of the most important things you can include are how you want to feel. Inspirational quotes, powerful suggestions about how you want to FEEL about yourself and business goals for the future. Do you want to see yourself getting an award in your business? Then find an image of that award and put it up there as a reminder each day that you will get there.

This year was the first year I created a Vision Board. I stopped setting goals for myself when I was 30, although I have no idea why. Maybe I just didn’t have people around me to remind me about how important it is to dream. So at almost the age of 46 I made my first Vision Board this past weekend.

I have some material goals like a wine room, big huge collapsable sliding glass doors and a new backyard. But I also have business goals, fitness goals, and reminders about how important team work with my husband is to me on there as well. Mine is nowhere near done but I think it’s nice to add things throughout the year. The truth is when we really sit and think about it, we should have so many goals we can fill up both sides of a poster board with the things we desire. So go for it, dream big, throw in lots of positive self talk and then look at it each year and keep putting the things you desire back on it and adding new ones along the way. I mean what’s the worst that could happen, your dreams actually come true?

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