Running Challenge in 2018

Resolutions, it’s the most talked about word at the New Year.  We all make them but most of us fail to keep them after the first month.  In fact, only like 8% of the population will still be working on their New Year’s resolution come February 1st.

I have plenty of goals for 2018, the list is quite long and I plan to tackle them head on.  But I’ve had a challenge to run 1/2 Marathon in under two hours since about the middle of 2017.  I’ve done a total of six 1/2 marathons and I’ve been close, my best time was 2:06:13.  I know you’re thinking how hard would it be to to take 6 minutes off my total time?   But in the scheme of things cutting off 6 minutes is actually not all that easy.  That’s like 30 seconds faster per minute, per mile for the entire race, which is ALOT, trust me.

Based on how my training has gone for the the last several months I’m absolutely going to be able to do it. I’ve got the right nutrition on board and the best Sports Performance products hands down.  But as the time starts to approach to sign up for a nearby race I just never seem to get around to it, who knows maybe is the $120.00 + sign up fee that stops me. But I chosen the OC Half Marathon as the run to achieve this goal. The race is on Sunday, May 6, 2018.

I know I can’t be the only one out there that’s interested in running a race as part of their New Years’ Resolutions. Whether it’s a 5k, 10k or a 1/2 Marathon it a great challenge to tackle for 2018. I know having accountability partners can really make your goals much easier to achieve, so in the spirit of working together I’m throwing out a challenge to anyone out there that is interested. Join me by signing up for a race near you sometime around 16 weeks from now. I will email out weekly training guides, with 3 days of running per week that will help you get to the goal of a 5k (3.1 miles), 10k(6.2 miles) or a 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles). Just send an email to with “I want to join the run challenge” in the subject line and I will add your name to my weekly training email blast. Every Sunday night you’ll receive a weekly training guide for the upcoming week.

Let’s help each other make sticking with our resolutions a whole lot easier!

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