Nutritional Cleansing

6 Months of Nutritional Cleansing

When I started this lifestyle six months ago, my intention was to try it, blog about it and then move on to the next program.  However about 4 days in I felt a total shift in the way I felt.  For the first time in ages my stomach didn’t hurt and my digestion was working properly.  It seemed to just get better and better with each new day.  So since Wednesday was officially my sixth month anniversary of nutritional cleansing I wanted to reflect on what this program has done for me.

Obviously the fact that I’ve maintained the same weight for 6 months is huge!  Mostly because I don’t feel like I sacrificed anything to maintain my weight either. We went to Germany for 16 days, we still go out and enjoy restaurant meals and every Sunday we have wine and cheese on the porch to end the week.  Through all of those little indulgences I maintained the same weight and felt great. If you look at the picture below you might think. “What’s the difference?”  But I see it, I think I look less soft in general and my stomach is tighter and flat.


In the past I’ve tried a ton of diet and exercise programs and most of the time at some point I felt cheated or exhausted.  A few years ago my husband and I did P90X, which is a very hardcore workout program you follow for 90 days, six days a week.  By the end of the 90 days I had great results I’d lost weight and body fat.  However I was in PAIN all the time during those 90 days. Once it was over I didn’t really want to do workouts that lasted over an hour.  So within a few months the weight and body fat came back.  Some of the other diet programs I tried meant that I had to give up on the things I love which is just not realistic for me.   I’m a foodie and I love wine, so there has to be space in my life for it.

In the last couple of weeks it really began to occur to me that my energy levels are off the charts.  I hadn’t put that much thought into it before because I considered my self fairly energetic compared to most people.  Don’t get me wrong I spent a lot of time on the couch every night watching TV,  but I had energy to workout, walk the dogs and cook everyday which some would say was already pretty energetic.  However now I don’t have to talk myself into working out, it’s a non-issue.   Not only am I energetic enough to “just do it”, I  find myself being able to go at it hard which is leading to better results.  The other amazing thing that’s happened is a lack of sore muscles.  I used to be so sore from any workout I did, so much so that it was painful to sit down and so hard to get myself to the next workout because of muscle pain.  Now because of the Amped Performance Line my sore muscles are so minimal.  It used to be that after 3 days after working I would be so physically tried I couldn’t work out the 4th day.  I’ve noticed in the last month I’m able to work out consistently 5 days in a row with no issues.

By far the best part of this program has been the change to my mental state.  These products have incredible ingredients and freeing my body of toxins has lead me to a decrease in my stress and anxiety.  I used to suffer from heart palpitations (from anxiety)on a daily basis but after 6 months of taking Ionix twice daily, which contains plenty of Adaptogens,  they are non-existant.  See the excerpt below from “Meet the Adaptogens in Ionix” or click on Morning Magic for more information on this part of nutritional cleansing.

“One healthy, effective way of dealing with stress without negative side effects is through the daily use of Adaptogens. From the Greek word “adapto” meaning to adjust, the term Adaptogen is applied to plants that produce special substances originally intended to help them adapt to and overcome stressors in their own environments. Though all Adaptogens help the body reduce and resist the effects of stress, they each have their own mechanism of action to benefit overall health. And because there’s no toxicity associated with Adaptogens, the more the better.”

All of the components of this system of products and following this lifestyle turned out to be the best decision I’ve made in ages.  The fact that I keep noticing little improvements in so many areas even after 6 months, makes me look forward to seeing what will happen in the next six months and beyond.  Who knows maybe I’ll even find some abs buried somewhere under there?

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