Halloween 2017

For the last 4 years my husband and I have thrown a Halloween Party.  There is always a theme and we go pretty all out to make it a night to remember.  This year’s 4th Annual Boos and Booze theme was Frankenstein’s Castle.

The prep time for this party is 4 to 6 weeks, all day on the weekend, and several nights during the week as the party draws closer.  So this year as soon as we got back from Germany we had to get to work right away in order to be ready.  The hubby wanted to build a castle with a drawbridge in front of the house and a laboratory inside the front room.  Mike always says if he could do life over again he’d become a special effects guy.  So creating these parties is kind of life fulfilling dream for him.   We always dress up in the theme of the party, so this year Mike was Frankenstein’s Monster and I was the Bride of Frankenstein.

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The party was a huge success and the addition of music from my DJ friend really added a another layer of fun.  We love doing the party even though it is a ton of work.  Our friends come, have a great time, and because we put so much effort into decorating, most people put a ton of effort into their costumes.

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We have been living in the Castle for awhile now and I have to admit it’s getting a little old.  Thankfully since Halloween is now over we can put our house back to its normal state.  I hope we’ll be recovered from all the prep and clean up by next September so we can start all over again with the 5th Annual Boos and Booze party.  What do you think the theme will be next year?  We have a pretty good idea…


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