New Vegetarian Menu

Last week after I posted my Weekly Menu, someone contacted me and said that they loved the menus but they are Vegetarian so they couldn’t use them.  So I promised I would make a strictly Vegetarian menu for those of you that don’t eat meat. Go to the Weekly Menus page and look for the special Vegetarian Menu and Shopping List. I will try to post a Vegetarian Menu at least once a month and include one meatless meal per week.

4 thoughts on “New Vegetarian Menu

    1. Yeah! I couldn’t find where our conversation took place so I was hoping you followed the blog so you’d see this post. I hope at least a couple of the recipes sound good to you. Please let me know if you liked them. Most I can’t make because I can’t eat beans (which depresses me beyong belief) so tell me if any were good. Have a great rest of your week!


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