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Super Big Weekend Ahead!

First of all the new menu is up for next week.  Click on Weekly Menus to find Menu for August 6th along with the Shopping List.  Most of the recipes from last week were given the thumbs up by my husband.  This was the Spicy Avocado Wrap, which was very good, but man is it difficult to get a good, pliable wrap when there is no flour in it!


So today starts the big weekend adventure.  Tonight we make our way to Phelan to our hotel so we can get up at 3:00am and get our daughter to her 100 mile run by 4:00am.  The next 30+ hours after that will be a total adventure.  We have no idea what to expect, when or how we will sleep, or even what will be be doing exactly as her crew.  We will learn as we go and really just enjoy being part of such an challenging event.

Once the race is over sometime on Sunday afternoon, we head home and grab our packed bags to make it to the airport for a 7:00pm flight to Las Vegas.  I love Las Vegas, it’s where hubby and I got married, so we try and go once a year.  However this trip is more educational then relaxation.  We will be convening with teammates and others that follow the nutritional cleansing lifestyle and immerseing ourselves for 3 days of education and introduction to new products,  I’m beyond excited, I love any nutrition education I can get my hands (and mind) on. The topper is that Tony Robbins is the key-note speaker.  Plus the people at these events, my teammates and others, are just so inspiring, energetic, healthy and happy.  It’s hard not to be happy and energetic when you surround yourself with that kind of energy.  The next several days are going to be a whirlwind of excitement, exhaustion but most of all and amazing adventure.

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