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Pushing your limits

Before I get to the topic at hand I want to take a quick moment to go over my super fun weekend.  It was awesome to meet up with our friends we haven’t seen in about 3 or 4 years.  It’s so strange how time flies, it was mind-boggling to all of us that it had been that long.  We enjoyed a nice Italian dinner (so thankful the restaurant had gluten-free noodles) and the hubby brought along some delicious wine to share. I love when you have friends that even when you haven’t seen each other in forever, you pick right up were you left off, as if no time has passed at all.


kathy and leti

On Saturday I finally got to do something I have been dying to do for a couple of years.  We went to EscapeX, which is one of those interactive games where you and a group of your friends get locked in a room and you have to figure out a bunch of puzzles to open the door open and get out.  You only have an hour to escape and our group used almost every last second.  It was so much fun and really amazing how everyone just sort of works together and takes on separate tasks in order to solve the puzzles.  I can’t wait to do another one in the future, actually I plan to do all of them in area.


Did you notice we only had 18 seconds left?

We followed our escape adventure with dinner at a local Vegan restaurant, Café Gratitude.  I think Vegan food is absolutely amazing when it’s done well.  It is so fresh and light, and when made properly is one of the best meals you’ll ever eat.  I had the Warm-Hearted / Summer Polenta which was braised summer squash, roasted tomatillo sauce, sautéed kale, salsa verde, cashew queso fresco,  and spicy pepitas.  It was absolutely delicious plus it all fit perfectly into my nutritional cleansing lifestyle.

warm hearted

Ok so enough with my fabulous and fun weekend and on to the real topic at hand…pushing your limits.

I’m trying to push my limits, whether mental or physical, so much more these days.  It is really empowering setting goals that seem unreachable and then working slowly and surely to achieve them.  This coming weekend my husband and I are about to watch a couple of very important people in our lives go above and beyond pushing their limits.

On Saturday morning at 5:00 am we will watch as our oldest daughter, Rhea, and her boyfriend, Andrew, take on the incredible task of running 100 miles through the Angeles Crest Mountains.  Yes you heard that correctly, 100 MILES…of running.   The thing people always ask me first is, when do they sleep?  Do they stop and then start again the next day?  No.  They will start at 5:00 am and run all through the night, in the dark, in the mountains until they finish sometime on Sunday.  Not only is the race 100 miles but it’s in the mountains and the total elevation climb is 21,610′ and the descent is 26,700′.

ac 100.JPG

Rhea is hoping to complete the race in approximately 30-35 hours.  My husband, nephew and I will be Rhea’s crew for this event.  Our job is to drive to each aid station along the trail and wait for her to come in and make sure that her water gets refilled, repack any food she needs replaced, tend to her injuries, get her a change of clothes if needed and just provide emotional support to encourage her to keep going.  She has run in a 50-mile race and several other ultra marathons but this is the longest she has ever attempted.  The hardest part for us will be the final 40 miles, where her mood might be quite bad and she will probably look and feel pretty darn terrible.  But our job is to encourage her, keep a smile on our faces and provide a positive vibe each time she steps into the aid station.  Of course we won’t be getting much sleep next weekend either but I will journal this experience and take lots of photos so I can share this incredible experience with all of you.  I’ve never been more impressed by anyone and can’t believe how far she has come with her running in just a few short years.  So next time you are debating with yourself about going to the gym or doing your daily workout, try pushing your limits. Remember if some people can run 100 miles, you can certainly be active for an hour.


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