Fun weekend ahead!

Friday, I love you. When you finally arrive each week I wake up feeling such joy at the amazing possibilities for the weekend ahead.  Tonight we plan to get together with friends we have not seen in ages for a little Italian food.  There’s going to be some serious catching up to do!  Saturday we celebrate Callie’s birthday at EscapeX Rooms in Irvine.  It’s one of those places where they lock you in a room and you have 1 hour to solve puzzles to find your way out. I have always wanted go to one of these places.  First of all, I love to play games, it’s a great way to spend time with friends and family, plus games generally lead to plenty of laughter.  But I also love computer games where you have to figure out puzzles so doing that in real life sounds super fun to me.  After we finish our escape we head off for dinner at Café Gratitude in Newport Beach.  It’s a Vegan restaurant and the food looks amazing. I’m always up for trying new cuisine and a really good Vegan restaurant is usually an awesome experience.  It’s incredible what these chefs can do with plant-based ingredients only. Then Sunday it’s off to another awesome Healthy Happy Hour in San Clemente.  What’s everyone else doing this weekend?

This morning the new Menu for the week of July 31st is up on the Weekly Menus page.  I have also included a shopping list to go with it.  Just click the shopping list and it will tell you all the ingredients you need for each recipe.  I also indicated in red the ingredients that can be used for more then one recipe so you don’t over purchase items. I would love your feedback if you make any of the recipes, especially the recipes on the Recipe page as those are my creations.


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