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Week 5 – 16 Week Challenge

First I want to give a big thank you to all my fellow nutritional cleansers that came to my blog today to check it out.  I promise to keep posting weekly menus that fit into this lifestyle.  Check back in every Friday when I put up the new Weekly Menu for the upcoming week.   Here is the Creamy Tomato and Cucumber Salad I made this week to go with my Turkey Pastrami Rueben Panini. I just substituted the salad dressing for 2 TBSP of homemade mayo and fresh herbs which included dill, basil, chives and mint.  My hubby said the salad was a keeper and a great dish to bring to a party.

creamy cucumber and tomato salad

Planning is by far the most important thing you can do when it comes to healthy eating.  I’ve always made a menu every week that hangs on my fridge so my family and I know what’s for dinner.  I can’t tell you the number of times my friends or house guests tell me how much they love looking to see what I’m cooking for the week.  This tells me that most people don’t really make the effort to plan out their meals.  How can you grocery shop if you don’t know what you are making for dinner each night?  What chance do you have at succeeding in making healthy meals if you don’t have a plan?  Plus if you buy food you are more likely to make it, if you don’t cook it you end up just wasting money.  Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes I move the meals around or a dinner gets skipped completely.  But it so important to make a plan for the week, go to the store and make sure you have the ingredients so you can successfully make the meals you planned, and by all means ask for help from you family when it comes to preparing dinner and cleaning it up.

Now on to the real topic, it’s the 5th week of my 16-week challenge.  I have to admit week 4 really derailed me a bit, with my vacation to the Sequoia’s.  Obviously there was some exercise involved everyday of that trip but not the full-body, cross-training workouts I usually do.  Not to mention that  I completely failed at working on my plan challenge.  Sadly, I finally got back to planking today and I was only able to get to 1 minute and 30 seconds.  Before Sequoia I was just shy of 3 minutes!  So this week I’m re-commited to the challenge and getting in a series of great workouts throughout the week.  Yesterday I went to 9 Rounds for a 30-minute kickboxing workout and today I ran 4 miles.  I can’t even begin to tell you the difference the Amped Performance line is making in my workouts.  My cardio is getting better and my energy throughout my entire workouts is so much better.

But I want to know what all of YOU are doing to stay fit?  What exercise is your favorite? Maybe you’ll inspire me to try something new and you know I’m going to blog all about it.

4 thoughts on “Week 5 – 16 Week Challenge

  1. Hi Kathy,
    I super enjoy reading your posts! So glad they come to my email or I wouldn’t remember to see your latest posts, lol! So I really love TRX for full body workout! I do it after my cardio. I have a band to do at home but now it’s so popular that the YMCA has them in place so I can just do them at the gym! It’s a great way to be sure I strengthen all my muscles! You probably have tried it but it’s my fav way to get my workout in while I have daycare for my daughter, works perfect! 👌🏼
    Lots of love, Amber


    1. I have never heard of it Amber. Thank you I will totally check it out. I really need to work on my muscle tone, in my thighs and arms. Sometimes it’s just so hard to get it all in! Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it!


  2. Menu planning is super critical for me, or else I eat like an idiot! Also, homemade mayo is one of the best things I got out of the Whole30. So much better than store-bought.


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