Finally recovered from the 4th.

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post.  Apparently I needed a break from all of this self-discovery and sharing.  The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activities, family time and possibly too much over-indulging.  I did however manage to post this weeks Menu and Shopping list, if you are looking for healthy meals options. I am so thankful to get back to my normal healthy eating habits.  It’s just 2 shakes a day right now so I can recover from some poor eating choices over the holiday.  Note to self…please stop eating gluten, it gives you a terrible headache for days after being consumed.

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays (right behind Thanksgiving) but it’s also one of my least favorite.  Strange, I know, but it’s the fireworks.  I love them, but unfortunately my dogs HATE them.  I don’t know how bad it is in every city in America, but it Huntington Beach it’s like a war zone.  The illegal fireworks start early and we usually have to deal with explosions throughout the night for 3 or 4 nights straight, with the final and worst night culminating on the 4th.   This year on the 4th the fireworks started at around 5:30pm.  Huge explosions,  like big bombs going off throughout the neighborhood.  I have no idea why you want to set off your fireworks when it’s still light out and you can’t see the beautiful colors, but it happens every year.  The neighborhood continued to blow up stuff until 11:30pm.  When I say fireworks, I don’t mean a couple of little bottle rockets, these are full blown mortars, big explosions of color high up in the air like you’d see at professional firework shows.  Meanwhile we are setting off our “safe and sane” fireworks on a table so they are high enough to be interesting.  So like I said, the dogs HATE the fireworks.  Poor little Fritz is hiding under a bed or table somewhere and Sylvester is attempting to run outside and attack the fireworks.  He gets himself so worked up, foaming at the mouth, panting and running around.  I tranquilize both of the dogs on the 4th but that barely does a thing for Sylvester so I usually  close all the windows and doors, turn on some fans and play easy listening music really loud to drown out the booms.  Next year I need to plan ahead and find a quiet kennel somewhere that my boys won’t be so traumatized.

But even with all the chaos I do still really love the 4th of July.  Since we had an entire weekend before the 4th, the family came for a little Bothe Beach House fun.  Then the nieces and nephews stayed over until the 4th and we rode bikes to the beach and attempted to go to Happy Hour for $2.00 fish tacos.  Of course since it was a holiday weekend there was no Happy Hour.  Lame.  But we did  get our newest 21 year old to enjoy her first Rainbow.

On July 4th we host a party in the front yard and the neighbors and my family come over to play in our Annual Cornhole Tournament.  Everyone sits around socializing, eating and drinking while waiting for their turn to play.  Once the sun sets we have our little version of a fireworks show while enjoying the five or more other big shows going on around us.  It feels like small town America in a town of 300,000 plus people.  Besides who can beat the weather at the beach in July?


Next stop.. Sequoia National Forest for 4 days of hiking and family fun!

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