Nutritional Cleansing

Nutritional cleansing

The entire premise of this blog was to test out various diets in an effort to find the ones that work.  I’ve talked about my lifelong love/hate relationship with dieting.  Starting as young as 16, when I tried my first diet.   I have learned to eat well and have maintained a comfortable weight over the years.  However the older I get the more I struggle to maintain it, with stricter diets and longer workouts.  My first month of this blog, I tested “The 21-Day Fix” which went good and I lost weight.  However I was ready for the next challenge, the 21-Day Fix wasn’t really different then anything I’d already done (except that I had to stick with it to share it with all of you).

So when my friends, Kim and Callie, suggested I try nutritional cleansing, I was hesitant because it was different, And I was afraid it would hurt feelings if I didn’t like it.  But ultimately I agreed because they were having a great deal of success on it and that is what is blog is all about.  At the start I had no idea the difference this plan was  going to make in my life.  By the end of the 2nd week I felt so amazing I wondered why I had doubted my friends in the first place.

I’m now at the end of my first 30 days and I have no intention of stopping.  During this month I have lost 5 lbs., 1.5% body fat and 4 1/4 inches in the  places that matter, my waist and hips.

before and after



You may look at my before and after photos and not see a huge difference but to me the difference is incredible.  I’ve put back on  pants that I had stopped wearing because they were super tight and I had quite a “muffin top” sticking out at the waist.  But it’s not the weight loss that really matters to me,  it’s everything else I gained this month.  My skin looks clearer, my digestive track is functioning properly without my usual stomach aches, and my brain feels clearer and  I’m more positive and energetic with each passing day .  It really is true that all of the products that go with this nutritional cleansing program really are created to help combat stress and fatigue.  Who couldn’t use a bit more help with that everyday?

Clearly based on my posts you know that I’m an avid exerciser.  I run, lift weights, ride a bike and do yoga all in an effort to stay in shape.  I’ve always said it wasn’t really a love of these things that makes me do them, it’s a necessity to keep myself at a healthy weight. Oh and to be able to run fast when the Zombie Apocalypse happens.  I wish I was one of those people who says, “I love to workout!”.  Now I’m not about to tell you that nutritional cleansing made me become that person, cause that would be silly.  But you know what it did do?  It made it not so hard.  I have energy for my workouts and I don’t find myself trying to find excuses to skip out on them.

Even hubby started to notice the difference in my mood and performance.  So much so he decided he wanted in too.  It’s just the beginning for him but I’m so eager to see what changes he will feel in the near future.

So that brings me to the fact that this blog is changing.  I’ve spent my whole life trying to find a “diet” that works for me.  One that allows me to indulge in my love of food and wine but also maintain a weight that makes me happy.  I love to travel and try  amazing local foods and alcohol is part of that experience for me.   I feel like I can do that now, knowing that when I come home it’s right back to cleansing and a reset. So what started out as “testing diets for the people” has turned into “Adventures in Food, Fitness and Fun” and a different type of challenge.  Letting you all take a peek into the nutritional cleansing lifestyle.  I’m committing myself to a 16-week challenge, using the products and lifestyle to maintain and even improve my energy, performance and body composition.  I truly believe that during the next 16 weeks, there will be a noticeable change in my body composition as it’s already started after just one month.  At the end of the 16 weeks I will run another Half Marathon in the hopes that this healthy lifestyle allows me to get a new Personal Record (PR).  Truthfully I really just want to run a Half Marathon where the last 3 miles aren’t pure torture. That would truly be a miracle!  So please stayed tuned and help me stay inspired and maybe I can inspire you too!


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