Nutritional Cleansing

Another successful cleanse

I can proudly say I have accomplished another successful 2-day cleanse.  You might remember from last time that the 2-day cleanse consists of a cleansing drink and snacks that you take on an hourly schedule.

IMG_3142 Just when you think you’re starting to get hungry, it’s the top of the hour and time to eat something.  It keeps your blood sugar steady and as long as you don’t forget and let the hunger really get to you, it’s pretty easy to make it through the day.  I was not as energetic as I was during my last cleanse but I had a perfectly normal day and didn’t bite anyone’s head off, so yay me!  On Monday I woke up with my left ear a little plugged up and thought maybe I trying to fight off a cold.  My brother and my friend were both sick last week, and I was around both of them, so it was a definite possibility.  That could explain why I wasn’t feeling as peppy as my last cleanse.  I guess I should just be happy that I didn’t end up getting sick after all.  When I woke up this morning and had my breakfast, let me just tell you it was the best shake ever! IMG_3123

This morning I weighed myself and I’m down another 2 lbs. and .1% body fat.  I feel so great that I put on a fitted sweater that I haven’t worn in months and not even a tiny little muffin top could be found around my waist.  Sweet!  The end of my 30 days is on June 13th, at that time I will post my final results and give all my thoughts on the plan.

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