I love camping!

The last time we went camping was almost four years ago. Not sure why we waited so long to go again because it so much fun.  We were extremely nervous to take Fritz because he is so fearful and we thought he would bark at all of the other dogs and wildlife at the campground.  We even developed a contingency plan for me to sleep with him in the car if he barked all night. Plus me and hubby agreed to go home a day early if he couldn’t get control of himself. But what a surprise, he did great!  He slept in the tent with no trouble, in fact he was better then Sylvester who couldn’t sleep the first night because of all the rabbits and squirrels running around outside the tent.

Even while camping I was able to follow my nutritional plan.  I brought my blender and made shakes for myself at breakfast and lunch.  I also enjoyed an egg with everyone else at breakfast, so I didn’t feel left out.  To be perfectly honestly I was glad to have the shakes, it’s easy and I feel good when I’m on the plan.  In fact, I have not experienced a stomach ache once during the 20+ days I’ve been on this plan.  Sometimes my stomach gurgles a lot, which is kinda weird, but it doesn’t hurt.  We had great dinners both night that totally fit into my food plan and on Friday I indulged in some champagne to celebrate our friend’s birthday.

Whenever we travel I like to bring running clothes with me because it’s so nice to run somewhere different.  Our friends dog sat for us while we took off for a 4-mile run from the campsite to Tressels Beach and back.  It was overcast and cool so it was a perfect day for a run.  We both struggled as there are a couple of hills on the trail and I was feeling a little slow from the champagne the night before.  But hubby thanked me for encouraging him to go because we always feel so good once we are done.

We left the campsite in the morning on Sunday and made it home in plenty of time to take care of a bunch of chores before the new work week.  I’m cleansing again this week on Monday and Tuesday so the grocery shopping was pretty slim.  This time I’m actually excited to cleanse and not the least bit nervous. The mental clarity and energy that comes with cleansing really results in a very productive couple of days.  Who doesn’t need that? I only have 9 more days left until my current 30-day meal plan is complete.  I’m getting pretty excited to see my final results.


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