Thursday already?

I love a 3-day weekend because that means it’s a 4-day work week!  Tuesday started out rough.  I was so tired and my brain just felt fuzzy.  Even though we were very busy all weekend, I didn’t really drink besides Sunday, so I couldn’t quite figure out why Tuesday was so bad.  Then it dawned on me, I hadn’t eaten enough the day before.  I had the delicious breakfast with friends on Sunday but it was only an egg-white frittata and then a shake for lunch and dinner.  I did eat a small salad as well but no other carbs.  So of course I was feeling out of sorts and a bit weak.

I require a certain level of carbs, about a 1 cup a day, in order to fuel myself and not go into ketosis.  Low carb diets are very  popular these days for promoting weight loss.  Although this can be a successful diet for many, your body must go into ketosis for it to really work.  Ketosis is a normal metabolic process. When thee body doesn’t have enough carbohydrates from food for your cells to burn for energy, it burns fat instead. As part of this process, it makes ketones.  However, ketosis can become dangerous when ketones build up. High levels lead to dehydration and change the chemical balance of your blood. So it is imperative to drink lots of water if you are eating a super low carb diet.

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I’ve tested out a low carb diet , I tried it while I was doing a 90-day cycle of P90X.  It worked good in helping me loss body fat but unfortunately for me caused other side effects.  During that time the skin on my arms would getting itchy.  Eventually that itch turned into a full blown rash across my chest, abdomen and back.  It was unbearable, and my skin felt so hot, like it was on fire.  I kept racking my brain to figure out what could be causing it.  I hadn’t changed soap, laundry detergent or lotion during that time, so I was stumped.  I started looking at pictures of rashes until I discovered a veto rash, which looked exactly like my rash.  When people go into ketosis they sweat out those ketones, and a by product chemical process during ketosis is the production of acetone. The acetone on your skin is what causes a rash.  Apparently I’m one of those people effected by acetone in my sweat.  So I’m loving that my new nutritional cleansing program is allowing me to shed body fat without that horrible side effect.

Anyway, back to my point, I was super tired on Tuesday and my workout was so HARD.  I made it through but I was feeling so bummed that my usual peppiness was gone.  I was afraid that my new plan was already failing me. Once I really thought about what I had eaten the day before, I realized I was low on calories and complex carbs. No wonder I was so tired!  By yesterday I was feeling great again and was right back to being energetic like I have been for the last couple of weeks.  Last night I did a 4-mile run at an excellent pace and then came home and did 20 minutes of Abs.

Tuesday and Wednesday night I made a couple of super clean, delicious dinners.

We are off to go camping this weekend down at the San Mateo Campground at San Onofre State Beach.  This will be Fritz’s first camping trip and I’m hoping that he doesn’t bark all weekend long… at everything.

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