Living and loving life…

…even while making mistakes and learning to forgive myself.  I know we are all guilty of it, we have great intentions, plans to eat well, not drink too much and workout over a long holiday weekend.  But as it sometimes happens we get derailed from all those great intentions and we end up failing short of those perfect plans.  But you know what’s important? It’s how we deal with that failure.  But is it really failure if I’m living and enjoying my life? Heck no!  What I am so happy about right now is that I feel like this new nutritional cleansing lifestyle really allows me to make those mistakes but then get right back on track with so much less guilt then I have experienced before.

I started the holiday weekend off perfectly with a wonderful dinner date with the hubby for some sushi.  Sushi is always a great choice when you are eating healthy and one of my favorite meals out.  I decided to indulge a bit this weekend and also enjoyed a little sake with my dinner.  No regrets there!

Between the view of the ocean, my awesome hubby and that amazing Salmon Carpaccio with truffles (yes, I said truffles) it was a beautiful start to the weekend.

Saturday we woke up and decided to take a run at the beach.  I’ve noticed lately that I’m having less trouble with morning exercising then I have in the past.  It was a pretty decent run for 8:00am, we haven’t run over 3 miles for the last several months so to do a 5 mile run on Saturday made me feel pretty good about myself.  It wasn’t my fastest run, but it’s miles not minutes.

Our oldest, came Saturday night to spend a couple of nights with us which was so great as we haven’t gotten together since March. So Saturday night we decided to go to Cosmic Bowling at the local bowling alley.  Cosmic bowling is bowling with flashing lights, in the dark, with very loud music and doesn’t even start until 11:00pm.


Let’s just say not my best bowling but it was super fun.  It was back to no drinking for me that night, so I agreed to be the designated driver.

So Sunday morning it was back downtown for a Champagne Brunch at Bluegold in Pacific City.

The plan was to go and enjoy a nice brunch and champagne with the family.  Then we were all going to come back take a nap and then get up and do a 5 mile run plus some other P90X 3 Isometric workout before making dinner at home later that night.  However when we arrived home our daughter’s boyfriend surprised us by coming to stay for the night.  We thought he couldn’t make it because he had to work, but surprise there he was!  So here’s when all the good intentions went in the crapper.  Instead of naping we opened a bottle of wine, then another, and then another.  Finally it was dinner time and I was tipsy and HUNGRY.  I wanted pizza (horrible idea) but thankfully hubby saved me an insisted we get Chinese food from a healthy Chinese place around the corner.  God bless that man!  I would have felt terrible the next day if I had eaten pizza (see Why do we keep doing the same thing expecting different results).  But you know what I got up this morning, shook of the “mistakes” I made the day before, downed a shot of my “morning magic“, and started to feel better right away.  That’s all I’ve ever wanted, the ability to derail for a day and not suffer any major setbacks because of it.  It’s still early in this process but I feel like that might finally be a reality.

This morning was Yoga on the beach with my wonderful group of friends followed by brunch. It was an nice overcast morning, perfect for yoga.  Then it was off to brunch where I ate a great breakfast. An egg-white frittata with a little side of fruit.  It was nice to change up my shake schedule so I could still enjoy a meal out with friends and then just have a shake for dinner tonight.  It ended up being perfect to not have to cook dinner  but instead blend up a quick shake and then just relax on he couch with hubby.

Back to work tomorrow, but that’s no problem cause I need a rest from the weekend.

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