Nutritional Cleansing

Post cleanse days.

I continue to feel amazing post cleanse.  My Wednesday am shake was great but even after not eating for two days, I’m still not a big fan of the chocolate.  I don’t think I would order that flavor again but I like the Vanilla and the Vanilla Chai.  Next time I’ll have to try Strawberry and see if I can add that to my rotation.  I’ve taken to adding a scoop of PB2 (powdered peanut butter) to my chocolate shake which dramatically improves the flavor in my opinion.  If you are doing “Strict 30” you technically shouldn’t be adding stuff to your shakes but since I’m not really trying to lose much weight, it’s ok for me.

I went for a 3 mile run on Wednesday evening and although I was energetic and my first mile was fast, I ran out of gas quickly and ended up walking a couple of times during the 3 miles.  I’d chalk that up to the 2 days of cleansing and then having only 2 shakes by the time I ran that afternoon. I will definitely keep that in mind for my next workout post cleanse.

But let me tell you how DELICIOUS the Basil Turkey Loaf was that I ate for dinner that night! I’ve notice a greater appreciation for food this week and found myself eating slower and being full after dinner, which is unusual for me.

Last night I did a P90X3 video, The Warrior, it’s a combo of cardio and strength exercises.  It’s tough, but only 30 minutes, so I enjoy it.  My energy was back up again and I totally crushed all of the push-ups (also unusual for me).  The thing I’m really noticing is that I have NOT been sore all week.  That’s a huge deal for me, my coach told me this plan would really help with it and she was 100% correct.   Usually I’m really fatigued the day after a workout, my muscles feel weak and tired.  Then the following day after that, I am sore. No fatigue or soreness this week, which I am thrilled about.

Last night I made a delicious dinner using something special I brought back from Canada.  When we visited the goat farm I got a few jams, one of which was an Onion Thyme Jam.

onion jam


So I changed up my menu a bit this week and topped a piece of salmon with the jam and wrapped it in foil.  Baked it in the oven at 350 degrees for 25 minutes and it came out perfect!  I finished off the meal with wild rice and then some green beans, mushrooms and shallots sautéed in a little olive oil.   Yummy!

salom dinner

I’m totally looking forward to the Memorial Day weekend and the extra day off work.  I’m feeling so energetic I keep dreaming up plans for fun things to do: bowling, hiking, bike riding, maybe rock climbing.  Who knows?  Keep an eye out for pictures of all the great stuff we do, hopefully I don’t let anyone down and end up watching movies on the couch all weekend.  One things is for sure,  I’m starting the weekend off with a date night with the hubby and some sushi.

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