Nutritional Cleansing

All I can say is WOW!

No one is more surprised then me to say that the last two days were amazing!  You know how some people say, “I was so busy yesterday, I forgot to eat.”.  Ok that has never, ever, ever happened to me.  I love food, like seriously there is really nothing I don’t like, add little wine and I’m all in.  So you can only imagine my absolute fear about cleansing for two days.  I have awesome willpower but I thought it would literally be me having to talk myself through the two days and going to bed at 7:00pm from exhaustion and just to get the day over.  I could not have been more wrong.

I will be totally honest I thought that when my two closest friends started this program they were crazy.  I’m all about whole foods, nothing packaged or processed.  I even make my own mayonnaise and salad dressing.  So how could this plan be any good if a lot of the stuff was coming from a jar.  Well I’m here to admit to you that I was wrong.  The last two days I felt alive, energetic and happy.  Like really happy, even though I wasn’t eating any meals.  I even did my regular workout on Monday and then walked the dogs, bathed the dogs and did about 3 loads of dog related laundry.

See look how clean they are!

Tuesday I took it a little easier for the workout and did some light Yoga and walked the dogs.  But I still felt as good as the first day.  The cleanse is clearly so perfectly balanced that all off the products work together to help keep you just enough satisfied that you can make it though.  Now I’m not saying that it isn’t a little difficult. Sure my stomach growled a few times but I knew that every hour I would be drinking the cleanse or eating one of my two little snacks and it was always just enough to get me through.  I’m also sure that some people have a more difficult time, we don’t all have the same make up physically or psychologically which could lead to different results. I’m just so thankful mine ended up be such a positive journey.

The other benefit is in 9 days of this program I’ve  lost 3 lbs. and my body fat is down almost 1%.  I started this process on May 15th  at 135 lbs and 26.1% body fat and am now 132 lbs and 25.2% body fat.  I’m not afraid of this part anymore and won’t worry about my next cleanse in a couple of weeks.  But oh my, let me just tell you how delicious that shake was for breakfast this morning.

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