Last days and then detox time!

We had a bit of rain and some hail on our last couple of days in Canada, which kept us from going on another hike.  So we decided to be a little lazy and hang out at the house, play some games and enjoy the view.  On our last day we attempted to hit all of the small studios on the art trail that we hadn’t had a chance to visit so we could find something special to take home.  Thankfully the distillery was finally open so we could try out  Salt Springs Vodka.  The vodka is distilled from the honey of bees strictly from British Columbia.  It was actually a very good and quite unique.  It tasted like vodka but with a little thicker mouth feel and finished very smooth.  We picked up a bottle to take home with us which unfortunately was taken by TSA.  We are not sure if it was because my husband accidentally packed two bottles of wine and the vodka in his suitcase (we put no booze in mine) and that was one alcohol too many per person or if someone just thought it looked good and stole it.  Either way, huge bummer!  The flights back home were on time and rather uneventful, glad to be home but bummed vacation is already over.  So cheers to some beautiful scenery and a great time!


But today it back to reality, it’s time to step away from vacation mode!  You remember I’m now embarking on at least 30 days of nutritional cleansing that my friends have been raving about.  So today I been figuring out my menu which I will post under the Weekly Menus section for the upcomming week.  I won’t be listing breakfast and lunch for awhile because I will just be having a shake at those meals.  So here is what my days will look like during the month.

Tonight before bed I will start but taking a flushing supplement with Magnesium and other herbs to help the digestive tract work properly.  Tomorrow I will have a shake for breakfast and then again at lunch.  I can also have two snacks but am planning on just having one in the afternoon before I work out.  Since this is all new to me I have no idea how hungry I will be or if I will require a mid-morning snack or not.  I will just play it by ear for now and see how it goes.  I will definitely have a snack after I workout, which will be a whey protein shake with recovery powder to help prevent muscle soreness.  Dinner is just a healthy, whole food meal that should be between 400-600 calories.  I mapped my calorie intake out for a typical day and it’s pretty close to my calorie intake last month, so I don’t see too much problem in regards to being hungry most days.  The big difference is there is NO alcohol during the “strict 30” version, so that is clearly where my calorie intake will drop, particularly on the weekends.  But it is always good to take a break from the liver damage, especially after coming off a weeks vacation.

I’m super excited for this new challenge and plan to award myself with a trip to the desert with the girls if I succeed in sticking to the “strict 30”.  Fingers crossed.

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