Salt Spring Island, the beauty continues…

We got up early today and decided that a couple of short hikes were in order.  We drove to the other side of the island, near Fulford Bay.  The first hike was pretty short and straight up.  Although they don’t describe this particular hike as being in a rainforest, I would definitely call it that. We encountered so many slugs on this hike, these are pretty substantial slugs, not like anything I have ever seen.  We noticed that in some of the shops there were glass sculptures of slugs and now we know why, they are very prolific in this area.  Check out the size of this thing!


The reason we picked this hike was because there was supposed to be a waterfall.  We had a couple of tiny water slides, but no waterfalls.  Either way it was beautiful and it was green and nothing like a hike we’d take in Southern California when we are home.  I just can’t stop thinking how much my daughter and her boyfriend would love to be running the trails here.


After the hike we headed over to the local goat farm for some cheese and jam tasting. We took a tour of the facility and got to pet a few goats and watch the cheese making process.  They had at least 10 cheeses to try and about 15 jams.  Needless to say we walked away with quite a few cheeses for happy hour during our stay and several jars of jam to take home.


Salt Spring Island Cheese 

After loading up on cheese and jam we took a pit stop for another hike through a rainforest.  The hike promised views of the ocean but mostly we ended up off the path and even after detouring back to the start and trying again we never could find the “views” and had to abandon the hike as we kept ending up in private property.  Regardless the hike was still beautiful.

After the hike we had worked up quite a thirst so it was off to the local winery.  Another beautiful property with quite a few wines to chose from.

Salt Spring Vineyards

We had a visit from the vineyards two resident ducks.  I think they were trained not to come into the tasting room cause they stayed just out the door.


We took back 8 bottles to drink for the week, one of each kind they they had available.    Some interesting grapes we’ve never heard of and all are grown on the island.  That should keep us good for a couple of days.  We figured we’d taste test them during the week and then go back to pick up a couple we really liked to bring home.

We’ve seen fresh eggs for sale all over the island as we drive around so we thought fresh island eggs would be amazing.  We stopped at two locations and picked up 2 dozen for the rest of our trip.  Luckily there was a burro and a horse that needed a couple of pets.  Friendly farm animals here plus, we got the most beautiful light green eggs!


We come back to the house every night and make our own dinners because fish comes in fresh every night at the harbor.  Last night we got fresh halibut so we made pan-seared halibut with avocado, red onion, avocado and cilantro salsa. Yummy!


Another amazing day on the island!


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