Salt Spring Island the adventure continues…

What fun we are having exploring this beautiful island!  Our first morning here we didn’t rush off, but instead enjoyed a beautiful homemade breakfast and coffee out on the deck before heading out for the day.  Our first stop on Monday was a local trail, about 1/2 mile from the house, called Duck Creek Trail,  It was’t very long but it was a beautiful lush, green hike following a creek.

There are all kinds of local business that follow the roads on Salt Creek Island.  Some are art studios and others are food and beverage related. We love art but naturally our first stop on the artisan trail was Salt Creek Cider.  They are a cider brewery specializing in English style ciders.  These ciders are much less sweet then any I have tried in the U.S,  they actually reminded me of Kombucha.  Although I tasted the apple flavor it was followed by a vinegary flavor. We enjoyed them but not enough to purchase any for our trip. But just relaxing and taking in the view on their beautiful property was perfect.


Our next detour was to Ganges which is the biggest center of the island.  It’s where the most restaurants and shops are located.  We strolled around a few shops, but then of course decided to stop for some fresh oysters, appetizers and some wine right on the harbor.  Although it was a little cold, there were fire pits all around the deck so we stayed pretty warm.

What an fantastic and relaxing day.  After we went home our friends fulfilled my favorite food request and made me shrimp nachos for dinner.  Heaven!

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