Victoria & Salt Spring Island…

All I can say is WOW what an amazing first day!  It is absolutely beautiful here, we are surrounded by water everywhere we look. We started the day with breakfast in the restaurant at the resort.   Naturally we all ordered a dish with some sort of salmon in it.  Let me just say the smoked salmon in my scrabble was amazing.  I have already declared to my husband that I plan to only eat seafood on this trip since it is all caught fresh locally everyday.

After breakfast we headed off to Butchart Gardens.  I have wanted to go there forever after hearing my in-laws talk about it.  It was breathtaking. Butchers Gardens was formerly a quarry that was used to fulfill the cement demand coming from San Francisco in the early 1900s. Once the quarry was exhausted, Mrs. Jeannie Butchart, made plans to turn the big empty hole into beautiful gardens.  The quarry is now the Sunken Gardens and in the spring all the tulips are bloom and everywhere you look are different vibrant colors.



I love looking at the beauty of nature and am so grateful that there are places like Butchart Gardens.  I can’t imagine the effort it takes to maintain a place of this size but I’m so glad they do and it was worth every penny to get a chance to see it.


Seriously these pictures don’t even look real!  The Sunken Garden was my favorite but the Japanese Garden was a close second.



Now I just have to come back to see the roses in the Summer and the leaves changing colors in the Fall.  Oh yeah and the front desk clerk at the resort said that Christmas is ridiculous, the entire Gardens are lite up and they have an ice skating rink.  How lucky are the locals to have this in their backyard!

After the gardens ,we headed out to catch the ferry to Salt Spring Island where we will stay for the rest of our trip. Since we are surrounded by water and there are several islands, ferry travel is necessary in this area.  The ferry we took to Salt Spring Island was huge and held about 100 cars on it, a little different then the ferry to Balboa Island in Newport that holds about 3 cars. The ferry ride is about 25 minutes and I stayed on deck, even though it was quite cold, hoping to see some wildlife. No luck but the view was still incredible.

A quick drive to the house we are staying, friends of our friends, and we arrive in another magical place.  This is the view we get during our stay.

The left is the view from the family room and the right is the view from the kitchen that leads out onto the deck.  Feeling pretty blessed right now.  We decided to start the day today with a slow relaxing morning then it is off for a hike and a trip to the goat cheese farm.  Perhaps there might be time to stop and the local winery?

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