Oh Canada…

Yeah we made it to Canada!  I have been so looking forward to this trip.  It was a particularly long day of travel considering the total flight time was only about 3 hours.  Originally when we got our tickets we were supposed to leave at 7:00 am and arrive in Victoria, Canada around 12:30pm.  Delta Airlines ended up changing our flights so we did not leave from Orange County until 11:00 am and our layover in Seattle ended up being 5 hours.  Since we were invited on this trip by our neighbors and the car and room were provided free, by a wonderful family friend of theirs, we all decided to fly 1st class.  Well that turned about to be the best decision ever because 1st class tickets meant we got to spend our 5 hours in the Delta Lounge at the Seattle Airport.  Free drinks, food and very comfortable chairs.


The flight from Seattle to Victoria was literally 23 minutes in the air, crazy we had to wait 5 hours for it.  I felt like we could have called an Uber and got there faster, but half the fun of vacation is the journey.  Believe me, we made the best of it. Because our flight ended up arriving so late we could’t take the ferry to our final destination, Salt Spring Island. So we had to stay at the Brentwood Bay Resort for the night in Victoria.  Trust me we weren’t particularly upset by this change in plans. When we arrived in Victoria it was still fairly light outside even though it was 8:30 pm and the drive to the resort was beautiful.  The view from our room is incredible and I can’t wait to check it out in the daylight.

IMG_3008I can’t wait to get up and explore the area in the morning before we head to Salt Spring Island.  Our first stop tomorrow is Butchart Gardens and then off to catch the ferry to the island in the afternoon.

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