The results are in!

Happy Monday! I had every intention of posting my results yesterday as it was the official 30th day of my plan.  However once I found out that I would be spending Monday in jury duty I figured that I could blog to fill up all the down time while I’m waiting around.

First and foremost, I’m sure you want to know if I lost weight.  Yes I did!  I lost 3 lbs. and 3% body fat during the 30 days I was on this program.  I started out at 138 lbs. and 28.6% body fat.  I ended the program at 135 lbs. and 25.5% body fat.  It may not seem like a drastic weight loss for 30 days but considering I pretty much didn’t stop myself from drinking on the weekends and indulging in an off plan dinner once a week, I think that’s pretty great.  I can totally tell the difference in the way my clothes fit. I do need to do my measurements so I can see how many inches I lost, but sadly I don’t own a tape measure.   I will wait until Wednesday when I get together with my best friend Kim, so she can do it for me.  I will update this post with that information later in the week.

So when I do these plans I wants to focus on three areas that I believe are important to evaluate the program: cost, enjoyment, and results.  We already know that the results were good, I lost weight and clearly built lean muscle mass while losing fat.  So I can definitely say that choosing Core de Force/21 Day Fix Diet as a method for weight loss is a good idea and if you follow the plan you will be successful.

What about the cost of this plan?  How much equipment did I have to buy?  Was my grocery bill realistic or too expensive?  In order to do this plan you must order the Core De Force DVDs the cost of the DVD is $59.95 plus shipping.  Plus you would need to get the colored containers for the 21 Fix-Diet, but I got them for $9.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I also purchased Shakeology as it is recommended by the program and that cost was $129.95 plus shipping for 30 servings.  I went back to all of my weekly shopping trips to Sam’s Club and Sprouts for the last 4 weeks and totaled the receipts.  Not everything I purchase at Sam’s and Sprouts is necessarily food but I figured it was the easiest assessment of my grocery spending.  I did not included receipts from the restaurants I went to because more then likely it wasn’t food that I should be eating on the plan anyway.  The total for all of the receipts for everything mentioned above came to $1,066.00 for the month.  Wow that seems like a lot huh?  But I cut that in half because I feed my hubby on that bill as well.  Then I divided by four weeks and then by 20 meals per week as we only eat out one meal per week.  That left me with a total of $6.67 per meal.  Now that sounds a little more reasonable, doesn’t it?  Obviously I could do a better job tracking exactly what I spent daily on food but I think these calculations are pretty close and will  work as an accurate comparison for future plans.  So my thoughts on the cost of this plan is that it is very reasonable.  There was also no equipment required to do the workout, just your body so that helps with the cost.

Finally was this plan enjoyable?  Did I like the workouts and was the diet easy to follow. Or was it complicated an I was hungry and miserable throughout.  Were the workouts fun, yet challenging? Well I absolutely loved the workout plan.  I enjoyed doing the workouts and could really feel myself improving everyday that I was at it.   It didn’t feel like a struggle to have to come home and turn on the DVD, it was actually pretty fun. I also have to wonder if drinking Shakeology every day before I worked out was giving me energy.  It’s pretty much the most energetic I have felt before working out in a very long time.  In fact that has been my problem for the last year, serious fatigue that was preventing me from wanting to workout.  It will be interesting to see if during my next plan I feel as good when I workout.  Plus those shakes are damn tasty! The last week it was pretty tough, I had to do 2 workouts every day (although one is only 16 minutes) so the time spent on the workout was over an hour.  But the improvement I made during the last week was pretty significant.  However that being said this program  may be a bit to hard for some people.  There are modifications that can help if you aren’t ready for this level yet but even then it’s still a lot more then many people I know are able to do.  I’m sure that if you just followed the 21-Day Fix Diet and walked you would lose weight as well.  The diet portion was very easy to follow as you are just filling little containers with appropriate food so you don’t have to count calories.  However filling little containers is not that easy if you are trying to make dinner for you and your husband.  How can I fill my little containers if I made Shrimp Stir Fry in a wok for both of us.  Pick out the shrimp and put it in the protein container and then the vegetable container and then reassemble back onto my plate?  That would be silly.  But it works as a great measure for your brain.  And I will tell you that it really helped me with my portion control.

So that’s it!  A successful plan with a great all-over body workout, minimal items to buy and a healthy, easy to follow, whole food eating plan.

Stay tuned for what next!

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