Tomorrow’s the day.

I’ve been a bit lax on posting this week as I am approaching the end of my first diet challenge.  The week was great and I was so glad when Thursday rolled around and I got to take a day off after working out for 6 days straight.  Once I hit that 6th day my muscles and back have just about had it and the one day of rest makes all the difference when I go back to the workout.  I can, without a doubt, tell you that my fitness level has increased dramatically during this month of Core de Force.  I’m able to do almost all the push ups required in certain programs completely on my toes. That is a huge improvement since in the beginning I could only do about a 1/4 of them.  My core is way stronger (and my tummy is flatter) then when I started this journey.  Plus I can forearm plank for one minute, I was only good for 20 seconds when I started.  I can honestly say I enjoyed this workout plan quite a bit even though it is pretty tough.  Apparently I can go and find certified Core de Force instructors on the web that do live classes, seems like a great way to change up the routines and keep it fun.  Oh and the other benefit is I can now kick anyones ass with my amazing MMA moves.  I haven’t tried it out on a actual person yet, but I’m sure I’m an expert after these 30 days, right?

The new menu is up for next week so go and check out what delicious meals I have planned.

It’s time for a little breakfast this morning followed by a Core de Force workout and then a dog walk.  These pups of mine definitely need baths so they are in for a surprise when the walk is over.  Come back tomorrow and check out the results and my final thoughts on Core de Force/21-Day Fix diet.  Plus I’ve already figured out what’s up next so stay tuned to hear all about it.

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