The End is Near

Not of the world or anything, just my 30-day journey.  I’m getting pretty excited about weighing myself and taking my measurements to see how successful this all turned out.  I feel stronger, thinner and I haven’t felt deprived in regards to food at all.  The workouts, at six days a week, are pretty intense and if it wasn’t for writing this blog I might have a tendency to skip a day or two here and there.  So yeah for blogging, it keeps me honest.  There have been many times in the last 30 days that I completely disregarded the food plan.  I admit I’m a bit of a foodie and I really enjoy a good meal and fine wine.  I will consider this a real success if I lost a couple if pounds during this month while still indulging almost weekly.  Since coming back from my Monterey trip, and practically killing myself with food, I have stayed true to the 21-Day Fix Diet. Besides having wine a couple of nights a week, I’ve eaten properly everyday.

The Burger & Fries Breakfast Bake, breakfast Monday and Tuesday, was a first time trial and both hubby and I really enjoyed it.  It will definitely be on the menu again soon.  Look at how yummy it looks!


We had to put together breakfast on top of making dinner tonight, so it was pretty busy in the kitchen.  It takes a great deal of planning and dedication to eat a healthy whole food diet.  Not many shortcuts around hear, just a lot of chopping, cooking and clean-up.  Luckily I choose Easy Lemon Chicken for dinner tonight, it was quick and dinner was on the table by 7:00pm.  It also is a keeper but I really need to work on better alternative for flour.  All I have is coconut or almond flour and both are more fatty in comparison to actual flour so they don’t tend to provide the same result.  I need to get some rice flour or maybe oat flour for recipes that call for dredging.  Either way it didn’t hurt the flavor of this dish.


The end might be near, but as far as this week goes it’s not even close.  Still along way to go before Friday and I’m already filling up the weekend with potential plans.

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