Monday, Monday

Happy Monday!  It’s a new week, it’s spring, the weather is warming up and it just seems like everything is a little bit brighter.  Hubby has a terrible headache today so clearly he’s not feeling it.  But no worries, I took care of all the cooking and some remaining food prep for the week.  Fish tacos were on the menu tonight and honestly sometimes I start to make dinner and the last thing I want to do is follow a recipe.  It just seems like so much work to turn on the computer and go back and forth between recipe and ingredients.  So I just decided to make it the way I wanted it.  I cooked up some Mahi Mahi with a little lemon oil, cumin, garlic salt and some pepper.  Fish tacos always need some kind of delicious sauce so I blended up half of an avocado, cilantro, a tablespoon of mayo, lime, chipotle pepper (powder), salt and pepper in my Ninja.  It was too thin so I added some lite coconut milk until I got the consistency I wanted.  I had a bag of cole slaw mix so I added two green onions, tablespoon of olive oil, Braggs Hawaiian Dressing, the juice of half an orange, salt and pepper.  It was super quick and turned out delicious.


I actually ate 3 tacos tonight, but was so hungry, I was down to one before I remembered to take a picture.  Just didn’t want you getting the wrong idea and thinking I only ate one.

My workout out today was good, especially for a Monday.  It was MMA Plyo and then Core Kinetics.  The very last exercise on Core Kinetics is to forearm plank for 1 minute.  I did it!  I feel like for once I actually got the “activate your core” and it really worked.  Proud moment, now hopefully my back won’t go out tonight.

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