Final 7 days!


Because of the little setback last week I’m just now getting to the last 7 days of Core de Force.  I had great workouts finally on Wednesday and Thursday once my stomach was back to normal.  The last week of Core de Force is pretty tough and everyday the workouts are at least an hour long.  I never really posted any video of the workout because I don’t want to watch myself on screen sweating and looking like death.  But how are you supposed to know what this workout is all about if you don’t get to see at least a little part of it.  The video below is from MMA Plyo, which is the final of the MMA videos.  IT’s broken down into 12 rounds, three minutes per round.  You have an MMA combo move for 1 minute, then a 30 second cardo spike move, then back to the MMA combo and then another 30 second spike to make one round.  Do that 12 times and your all done.

Ok so at least now you will know what you’re getting yourself into if you decide to try Core de Force.

In the last couple of days of these workouts I can really feel the difference in my strength. I was able to do way more push-ups on my toes and my balance is definitely getting better.  I am so happy because that was the main reason for starting this workout, I needed to work on my core strength.  My back still hurts when I workout several days in a row but not as bad as it was and my sciatic nerve has been acting up less.  I miss running and am looking forward to combining running and Core de Force together once this 30-day experiment is over.

The menu is up for next week, so check it out.  Lots of cooking today to prepare for the week and Easter dinner at my sisters house tonight.


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