Why do we do the same thing again expecting different results?

In the past year I’ve made a real effort to test foods in order to figure out what things don’t make me feel my best.  Last June I started to feel pretty terrible on a daily basis.  My joints ached, I was fatigued, I had fevers/night sweats, plus indigestion and heartburn.  I went to the doctor and she thought maybe I had contracted a virus of some kind and that I would have to wait it out until it went away.  The symptoms hung on forever and finally in September I thought, “I need to make some changes, this can’t just be a virus”.  I had heard a lot about Whole 30 over the previous year so after talking in detail with one of my niece’s friends. I decided it was worth a try.  Maybe this “virus” was actually something else.  During Whole 30 you eliminate all sugar (even artificial sugar), grains, legumes, soy, alcohol and dairy from your diet completely for 30 days.  After the 30 days you reintroduce groups individually so you can determine if any of the foods are causing you problems.  I discovered that soy makes my stomach hurt as soon as I eat it, but not for long, dairy makes my face breakout, legumes do not agree with me at all and gluten can cause stomaches, bad moods and joint pain.

You would think that once I found out this information I would avoid those foods.  Ha!  Most of the time I’m good at saying no because I cook so much at home, I just don’t serve them (thank goodness the hubby just goes along with anything).  However this weekend when I went up to Monterey with my family and I went ahead and ate whatever was served without even giving it a second thought.  By the time we were driving home on Sunday, my stomach was absolutely killing me.  I barely slept on Sunday night because of the incredible pain in my gut and the next day every joint in my body ached like I had the flu.  There were many things I ate that contributed to this terrible reaction.  But the thing that caused the biggest issue was the turkey sandwich I got just before heading home.  I never eat bread anymore and when I occasionally do it it’s gluten-free or just a tiny slice of french bread.  The sandwich was an 8-inch wheat roll and was way too much bread for my body to handle.  I never, ever ,want to feel like that again. I really must stop repeating this cycle.  I know what the results are going to be so why I do I “forget” them just because I think it will taste good?  Maybe this time I’ve finally learned my lesson.

Besides the bad ending, the weekend was amazing.  Obviously I was having so much fun I never had time to blog.  Plus I was having so much fun I forgot to workout. Well I didn’t forget exactly I just chose not to.  It’s no surprise I slacked for the weekend, it’s so hard to pull myself away from everyone for a workout.  Not to mention I would have had to do my DVD in the middle of the family room where the kids were all sleeping on the couches.  Not sure they would’ve enjoyed all the jumping, punching and kicking while they were trying to sleep.  See it’s not that hard to find an excuse, is it?

We had such great family time and watched some fantastic softball games. My niece is a total stud and I can’t believe she’s related to me.  I wish I had half of her athletic ability.  We didn’t get home until 9:00pm on Sunday and by then I felt so terrible I didn’t have the ability to finish my menu or even bother to blog that night.  Monday was even worse and all I could do was just make it through the work day.  So that’s why there’s been no posts for several days.  So here it is Tuesday and I haven’t done a Core de Force workout since last Thursday.  Kind of putting a damper on my consistent 30 day work out plan, huh?  I tried to do it today but my stomach was still hurting to bad to continue.  I just took the dogs for a walk and will try again tomorrow.  That means Sunday will not be my final day of this plan, it will probably be more like Wednesday of next week.  I’m a bit disappointed in myself as this little setback will most likely effect the results I achieve with this plan.  Tomorrow is a new day and I’ll cross my fingers that I feel totally back to normal by then.

Since I felt too crappy yesterday to even eat anything, I made Monday’s dinner tonight. Swordfish with olive tapenade, sun-dried tomato and capers, with basmati rice and broccoli. It was super tasty and made my tummy happy.


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