Yeah it’s the weekend!

Happy Friday!  Wow this felt like a super long week.  Not sure what made it drag on but I’m so thankful Friday (and payday!) is finally here.  I finished up the menu for next week and posted in under the Weekly Menus section.  Me and hubby will be taking a  trip up to Monterey next Friday for the weekend so the menu is a little short since we won’t be at home to cook for ourselves.

I’m almost at two weeks completed on this 30-day journey and these are my thoughts so far.  First of all the diet is really very easy to follow and I don’t feel cheated by it at all.  I use the containers mostly for lunch but am already pretty good at visualizing the correct portion sizes.  I will admit that I probably eat a bit more then what I am supposed in some areas, like the vegetables and protein.  But on the other hand I eat less of the fruits and seed & dressings.  I don’t worry much about it as long as I’m not too hungry or letting myself over eat.  I think it’s a realistic eating plan and for beginners is easy to follow the portion control.  Just look at yesterday’s meals, that’s a lot of food.

3-30 meals

The exercise portion of this plan is pretty tough.  I’ve been exercising in one way or another most days of the week since I was 29.  I’ve completed 6 half marathons and many other races, I’ve done 2 rounds of P90X and 1 round of P90X3, so I’m in fairly good shape but I still find this workout challenging.  The challenge for me is the core based workouts.  My core strength isn’t that great, in fact I’m still not really sure if I’m “engaging” my core correctly.  Yesterday included a second 16 minute video called Core Kinetics.  It was brutal for me,  just floor exercises for your core.  The video ended with a 1 minute forearm plank.  Oh please… it will be weeks before I can accomplish that after doing 15 minutes of other core exercises first!  But I can definitely say that I can feel the tightening of all my core muscles in just 2 weeks.  My back barely hurts at all and is getting better and better everyday.  If you have a really bad back I would be careful using this workout program.  You need to start with all of the modified versions of the movements until you are sure that your back can handle it.

I’m so tempted to measure my progress because I can tell I’ve lost weight and inches, but I’m not going to do it.  I want to wait the full 30 days and see what results I accomplish in that time frame.  Looking forward to a relaxing an awesome weekend.  I plan to get out of the house and do a little hiking since the weather is so perfect right now.  Enjoy!


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