A day of needed rest.

Rest…sometimes it’s just what you need.  I wish I was the kind of person that loved to workout everyday but I’m just not.  So a day of rest and sitting on the couch watching trashy tv is just what I needed. I had a nice facial after work today which was awesome but then it took 45 minutes to get home and I was only 8 miles away.  Needless to say I really wanted a glass of wine when I got home, plus I was in no mood to cook.  Instead I found some leftover spicy pork tenderloin from Sunday and made 2 beautiful tacos with some of last night’s Spicy Mexican Slaw and a glass of rose.  Perfect!

I thought it would be a great idea to post pictures of my meals so that you can see what I’m really eating everyday.  I eat plenty of beautiful and tasty food.  Yes it takes work to eat good but I think it is worth it.  All of the meals featured today were very easy to make which is always my goal especially during the week.  The more you plan, the easier it is to eat good, healthy food.  This particular diet is not that restrictive and I don’t feel deprived at all (except for the occasional strong desire for nachos).  See what I mean…


Apparently this needs to be a short post tonight because someone is in desperate need of attention.



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