The honeymoon is over

Ok so I knew it would happen.  I knew I would hit a wall and today was the day. First I had to take a quick cat nap at my desk (shout out to my coworker, Roxanne, for not giving me to much crap about it).  Then I thought I might die while doing my Core de Force workout. Today was Power Sculpt which is by far my LEAST favorite workout, so much jumping, squatting, lunging and push-ups.  I was so exhausted today since I’ve worked out 6 days straight, I could barely make it through each round.  Not my best work.  Can’t begin to tell you how glad I am that tomorrow is a rest day.  I’m getting a facial after work and then my only plan is walking the dogs and a little Yoga for the back.

But what I really wanted to write about today, before I realized I had to spend some time complaining, is water.

Last Friday when I went to my friend, Callie’s house for dinner we started talking about water and how much a person should drink. She suggested that we should be consuming 100 oz. of water a day.  That seems like a lot of water, doesn’t it?  She suggested that increasing the amount of water I drink would help with my digestive issues.  So I gave myself a challenge this week to try to drink 100 oz of water a day.  I brought a special bottle with me to work so I can track better the amount I’m consuming.  So far the last two days in a row the most water I can consume in 8 hours of work is 30 oz.  That leaves a heck of a lot of water to drink at home before I go to bed.  I actually consume about 60 oz. of liquid during work because I have 2 cups of coffee and a shake with 8 oz of water in it.  But that’s not plain water and caffeine more than likely has the opposite effect on my colon, as caffeine causes dehydration.  Yesterday I didn’t even come close to drinking the remaining 50 oz of water once I got home, it was more like 30. oz. Today isn’t looking much better, I’ll be lucky to hit 40 oz. more by bed.

I read as many articles as I could today about water and found that the 8- 8 oz. glasses a day was not developed based on science, it’s just an easy amount to remember, hopefully encouraging people to drink more.  Mostly what I discovered from all the articles I read was that no one can agree on one certain amount.  It really depends on your size, whether your male or female, the weather and climate where you live and how much you are exercising.  Obviously the more you sweat the more water you need to drink to replace what you have lost.  You can also drink too much water, which can be equally as dangerous as dehydration.

What about you, how much do you drink everyday?  Are you even close?  I think 100 oz. is a lot but a good number to work towards even if I never make it.  Even if it doesn’t help with my digestion, maybe it will at least make my skin glow…

4 thoughts on “The honeymoon is over

  1. Love reading your posts! It makes me feel like we are staying in touch as I get to hear about your day and your goals and it encourages me and my goals to get my body back (pre-baby)! So I drink about five 8oz glasses a day, sometimes I mix lemon or a little bit of juice to help drink more! But 100 oz sounds way out of reach, but I love the saying aim for the moon you will end up in the stars! Aka that makes you a superstar! (I may or may not have added the last part) 😉 ❤


    1. Thanks for your response Amber. It’s nice to know someone is reading my blog. I agree with the water goal, it’s pretty difficult and I consider myself a good water drinker! Love seeing your posts and pictures of the baby. Life looks like it’s pretty good for you!


  2. Love the blog (and the menu ideas) – Keep it up. Finally getting a chance to catch up on your posts. I’ve read in many places that a good goal for water consumption is half of your weight in ounces. So your 60oz target may be more realistic.


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