Week #2

So it’s Monday again and I’ve started my second week of Core de Force.  This week I get to add an extra serving of fruit everyday.  I have a hard enough time eating two servings of fruit so adding a 3rd might be a challenge.  I guess I will just up the fruit amount in my afternoon shake to try and get that 3rd serving.  The theory behind it is that I’ll be working out even harder and the extra fruit will help fuel me.  The workouts remain mostly the same this week except that after each regular workout there is another short video to do.  So today’s workout was MMA Shred (love it) and then it was supposed to be MMA Kinetics.  However  I read the calendar wrong and ended up doing  5 minute Core on the Floor instead.  It was quite difficult, 5 minutes straight of planking.  I’m guessing that is why it is not until later in the program, once you’ve really developed you core muscles, you’ll be ready for that challenge.  So I guess I will see what MMA Kinetics is all about on Wednesday when it shows up on the calendar again.

I’m definitely already feeling fit after all the working out last week.  I’m tired a lot but that will eventually pass after I get in a little better shape.  I have to say that I think the Shakelogy in the afternoon is really helping me have enough energy for the workout.  Once I start to get moving I’ve really been kicking some butt and giving it my all.  If I have the Shakelogy to thank for that burst of energy in the afternoon then it’s becoming my regular snack.  I admit I’ve been hungry in the afternoon before dinner. As soon as my workout is over I just want to shovel food in my face. This was not the case when I was doing Whole 30 but I was eating WAY more fat during that program so it obviously sustained me better.  I still feel quite motivated to be successful as I start this week and it definitely helps knowing I have to blog about it.

since this week won’t be so filled with appointment and wine dinners, I’m going to concentrate on getting the most out of the workouts and eating as clean as possible.


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