Lazy Saturday

This is the first Saturday in weeks that I haven’t had to jump out of bed and rush to get things done because we have so many plans.  All we have going on this weekend is a play and dinner tonight so I’ve spent my morning leisurely cruising the internet and enjoying some coffee and breakfast.  I didn’t end up making anything special today because we had some frittata left over from the week.  Score again for a no-work breakfast!

Last night I didn’t end up making dinner but instead the friends made dinner for us when we went to their house.  It was some delicious cod, with a kale salad and a little brown rice and quinoa mix.  I had plenty of wine (more then I should) but managed to stay away from the cookies that got put out.  We just spent the evening catching up because we hadn’t seen each other in a long time.

When I finally got home at 11:00 pm I was hungry so I ate several crackers and some prosciutto when I should have just gone to bed.  That’s really the problem with me and any alcohol.  It’s not that just drinking wine will ruin my diet, it’s the fact that I lose the ability to make good eating choices when I have a little wine.  This is really no surprise I’m sure, that’s what all health experts will tell you, alcohol makes you lose you inhibitions and that results in poor choices.  I know this but some how can conveniently believe it won’t happen this time while pouring myself a glass of wine.  The weekend struggle is real and I will be faced with it again tonight when we go out to dinner. All I can do is try to be better today so I don’t mess up all that I have gained on the plan this week.

So let’s go back and reflect on the workout from yesterday, Power Sculpt.  Holy cow was it difficult! I don’t know if it was because I was tired from an exhausting week or because I’m pretty sore but let’s just say there was a heck of a lot of moaning and groaning (and possibly some swearing)coming from the workout room yesterday.  Most of the moves are plyometric, so a ton of jumping.  My poor calves have stopped working , today I’m walking around looking like someone removed my knees.  Once I finish here I need to get up and do today’s workout, MMA Shred.  This is a 9-round workout (all rounds are 3 minutes) consisting mostly of punching and kicking combinations.  These are the workouts I love, I’m concentrating so much on doing the moves properly, that it goes by fast.  There is some jumping in today’s workout so I might have to take it easy on those if I expect to be able to walk tonight when we go out.  Luckily my back is feeling so much better I think I will be able to start really throwing punches and kicks properly so I can get the most out of the core workout.  Also need to take the pups for a good long walk today since we are ditching them again tonight.  I think they are starting to feeling like little latch key pups because we have been gone so much lately.  Luckily tomorrow we will be home all day so we get to spend some serious quality time.  Did I ever mention that I’m a bit of crazy dog parent?  Yeah it’s true all I want to do is drink wine and pet my dogs…


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