Day #3 and 4

This week is turning into a blur, I can’t believe it’s Thursday already.  I’m not one for doing much during the work week, I like to stick to a pretty boring schedule.  We’ve had appointments after work this week and a wine dinner last night so I’m feeling pretty worn out today. I wish I could juts go back to bed for a couple more hours.

As tired as I am today it was worth it for the tasty wine dinner we went to last night. It was 4-courses, all paired with a wine from the Tablas Creek vineyard in Paso Robles. Chef David Slay, at Park Ave, made an incredible menu to go with the wine.  Rather then bore you with the details, I’ll just show you the pictures!

Tablas creek wine dinner

The rest of my meals were on point yesterday, with breakfast, lunch and snack staying on the 21 day fix plan.  I did not do a Core de Force workout as there was no time before the dinner, so I’m taking Wednesday as my rest day this week.  I am pretty sore from the 1st two days so it wasn’t to tough taking the day off.  Which brings me the question,  why do I always get so sore?  Can someone please tell me why my hubby rarely ever gets sore muscles after a workout and I get them after a night of bowling? I’ve been consistently working out at least 5 days a week, either running or P90x, and yet every time I skip a day or two the next time I work out I’m sore.  So obviously after two days of Core de Force I’m pretty much sore in every single muscle of my body. I know my officemates at work so enjoy when I  start a new workout plan because every time I get up or down some kind of moan escapes my mouth.  Tonight’s workout is MMA Speed again so I’m gonna give it all I got cause my back feels great and I need to make up for the night of sin last night.

I totally forgot that tonight’s dinner Huli Huli Chicken required I marinate the chicken for at least 4 hours, which clearly did not get done last night when we got home.  So I guess the marinating time will be a little short but hopefully it will still be good.  I’ve never made this particular recipe so we’ll see if hubby and I think it’s a keeper…


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