Day #2- honeymoon phase

First let me say, WOOHOO!! We don’t owe any taxes, first time in years! What a day… it’s 9:30pm and I’m finally able to sit and reflect on how the day turned out. I’m calling this the honeymoon phase of the plan because the beginning of a diet is new, so it doesn’t seem that bad.  In fact, I’ve been very energetic the last two days. Thank goodness cause I needed the extra boost to get everything done.  I only had enough time tonight before leaving for the tax guy to do my Core de Force workout, no dog walk.  It was a little rainy so I guess it was a good day to skip it anyway.

The workout today was called Dynamic Strength and is 47 minutes, consisting  of 12 rounds, each three minutes long.  There really is no break at any point so iti’s pretty tough. It’s filled with ALOT of push-ups, and I really suck at push-ups. I could squat and lunge all day long but ask me to do more then 10 push-ups and I will have to do the rest on my knees (I’m gonna be honest it’s really more like 5 right now).  The other moves are floor core exercises and then several balancing moves.  So as if the push-ups were’t hard enough, now I get to try and balance.  I’m kind known for taken a fall on a regular basis., it’s really a wonder I have never broken anything.  Truthfully it’s a major inspiration for Core de Force, I desperately want to improve my ability to balance.  If at the end of this month I could do a standing side kick and totally keep my balance, it would be enough to make this challenge worth it.  Who cares if I lost weight! I tried to take it easy with some of the twisting moves to protect my back, but so far everything seems ok.

After we got back from our tax appointment we put the stuffed peppers we made last night in the oven and started making the frittata that we’ll eat for breakfast the rest of the week.  This week is my favorite frittata, caramelized onion, sweet potato and chorizo.


The recipe makes enough for 6 servings normally but I will need to break up my half into quarters instead of thirds (wow that was a lot of fractions), in order for it to better fit into the suggested meal serving sizes.

By the time we sat down to eat it was 8:30pm. Yuck! I hate eating that late.  I am impressed however that I didn’t kill someone out of hunger earlier.  I guess that Shakelogy in the afternoon really helped hold me over, even after a 47 minute workout.  It was so much better tasting today, just water and a banana with Chocolate Shakeology.

Breakfast and lunch where just like yesterday.  I really never get tired of my breakfast hash.  Even my coffee without the coconut milk hasn’t been to bad.


The dinner turned out good as well and was enough for tonight and a complete other meal we can freeze for when we need something quick.  I had to sub the poblano peppers for red bell peppers because they didn’t have any poblanos, at least not any worth buying.  Red peppers were fine but the poblanos would definitely have been better.  Dinner consisted of 1 protein, 1 carb, 1 veggie, plus oil.  Some additional  green on the plate would have made it look prettier , but I was too hungry to really care.


Tomorrow is going to be a bit hard when I’m supposed to be following a specific diet.  But sometimes you have cool plans and you just have to let it go and enjoy your life.  We are wine club members for a winery in Paso Robles called Tablas Creek and they are having a wine dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Orange County, Park Ave.  It’s 4-courses paired with a Tablas Creek wine.  I can’t wait!  You know there are gonna be pictures…

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