Just about ready to go.

It’s been a busy weekend so far.  Friday we took the day off to watch my awesome niece play some college softball. We drove down to University of California at San Diego to watch her team play the Tritons.  I’m not much of a sports fan, I understand sports and watch them occasionally but unless I have something personally invested I can’t really get into it.  I clearly have something invested in watching my niece play and I can’t get enough of it! Needless to say with the drive time and two games plus dinner with my brother’s family not to much was accomplished to prep for Monday.

However today wasn’t much better!  We went to see the play “Orange”at South Coast Repertory this afternoon.  We wanted to get there a little early so we could meet our friends for a drink before.  We are about to get in the car and my hubby asks, “You got the tickets?” And I say, “I don’t have the tickets (I never have the tickets).  Then he just looks at me like, “why would I have the tickets?”  So then we spend the next 20 minutes tearing apart the house to find these tickets.  Mind you these are season tickets, they are in an envelope with 4 other sets of play tickets.  This is our 4th play, where could these tickets have gone? We never found them.  Thank goodness they were so awesome at the theater and just printed us new tickets.  Our season tickets are during the  matinee showing, it starts at 2:00pm and even if we go out to dinner we are usually home by 7:30pm. Today’s play was set in Orange County where I live and was about an autistic girl that comes from India and ends up having an adventure. It was not my favorite play, the character development was not enough for me, I felt it was’t long enough for me to really be invested in the characters.  However I will say the main character, the autistic girl from India, was amazing she really stole the show.

No dinner with the friends tonight, they had to go pick up their daughter from Girl Scouts.  Instead we came home and made a nice dinner of pork chops (I can fry a mean pork chop), some roasted potatoes and broccoli.  My wine guru (hubby) picked out a lovely 2013 Zaca Mesa Pinot Noir to go with dinner, which was delicious and a perfect match. But first, since hubby helped prep dinner we had a little time for some charcuterie and wine on the porch. Not much better then sitting on the porch with the pups, some Manchego and Camembert cheese, a little Genoa Salami and a glass of 2015 L’Oiseau White Bordeaux. It’s because of those moments that I try new diets and exercise programs, I do what it takes to make sure I don’t miss those evenings  on the porch with my hubby, the dogs and a little wine and cheese.

We did get a lot of chores done before the play.  We managed to walk the dogs, take the car to the mechanic and get the grocery shopping done.  I’ve made the menu, got the groceries and Shakelogy.  The only thing I need is the color-coded portion control plasticware for measuring my  food,and I’m all set.  I did not get to ordering them fast enough from so I have to settle for a knock-off version.  I actually found some at Bed, Bath and Beyond that are $9.99, plus I got the customary 20% coupon.  Score! Heading there tomorrow and I will be just about ready…

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