Prepping for Core de Force

I try to plan my menu for the upcoming week on Thursday.  Once I figure out what we’ll be eating everyday next week it makes it much easier to make a grocery list and to stick with eating what is planned.  Most weeks one day will get moved to a different day because I’m either too tired to cook that particular meal, I forgot to pull something out the freezer or the menu for the night just doesn’t sound good to me that day.  Either way some plan is way better then no plan.

So this week I need to make a menu that will work for the Core de Force program.  The suggested meal plan that comes with the program is the same as the 21 Day Fix.  Basically it is a system of color coded storage containers.21 Day Fix Salad

You first have to find you target calories :

target calories

My target calorie amount is 1200-1499 which puts me in Plan A, so I get to base my daily menus on the following

3 – Green containers  (vegetables)

2 -Purple containers  (fruits)

4 – Red containers  (proteins)

2 – Yellow containers  (carbs)

1 –  Blue container (healthy fats and cheeses)

1 –  Orange container (seeds and dressings)

2 – servings of oil

I’ll admit I’m pretty nervous about the amount of food.  I eat ALOT of veggies everyday, way more then 3 cups and I’m very fond of avocado and coconut milk in my coffee.  I will have to give up one or the other since the amount of healthy fat I’m allowed to eat is only 1 tiny little container that equates to either 1/4 of an avocado or 1/4 cup of coconut milk.  I guess that if I want to lose weight then I’ll have to be a little bit hungry.

After doing Whole 30 I learned a lot about what foods are ok for me to eat and what are not.  My plan is to continue to follow those rules while still doing the diet plan recommended by Core de Force.  For me that means no gluten, dairy, beans, legumes and soy.  Ok so here it goes, time to plan what’s on the menu for next week, this should be interesting…

Just finished up my menu for the week of March 20th, I tried to keep it kind of simple while I get used to working with the containers.

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